• Sonic - 3" Werehog


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  • Description

    Help protect the world from Egghead with this figures from the Jazwares Sonic the Hedgehog Mini-Action Figure Series. Set out for adventure! Featuring over 12 points of articulation, this highly detailed figure captures all of its signature characterisitcs and brings the world of action right to you. Collect them all!

    This series is made up of the items below (EACH SOLD SEPARATELY):
    • BCC9750420-068YW650218 (Sonic the Hedgehog ~3" Mini-Figure)
    • BCCB062W-068YW650W3 (Sonic the Werehog ~3" Mini-Figure)
    • BCCB057I-068YW650225 (Knuckles the Echidna ~3" Mini-Figure)
    • BCCB05H2-068YW6502R (Miles "Tails" Prower ~3" Mini-Figure)
    • BCCB05755-068YW650V2 (Shadow the Hedgehog ~3" Mini-Figure)
    • BCCB04Y0-068YW650X4 (Silver the Hedgehog ~3" Mini-Figure)

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