• Sonic - 5" Metallic Series (Excalibur Sonic)


  • $18.44

  • Description

    Set in a world similar to the classic story King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, this series of Sonic and the Black Knight mini-figures feature characters from the video game franchise. Each mini-figure is dressed in a beautifully crafted armor, comes with a weapon, and contains multiple points of articulation.

    This series is made up of the items below (EACH SOLD SEPARATELY):
    • BCC96811Y-068YW6582D (Sonic as Sir Lancelot Mini-Figure)
    • BCC9681106-068YW658W9 (Excalibur Sonic Mini-Figure)
    • BCC96810A-068YW6582H (Knuckles as Sir Gawain Mini-Figure)
    • BCC96810D-068YW658X0 (Silver as Sir Galahad Mini-Figure)
    • BCC96810H-068YW65D06 (Jet as Sir Lamorak Mini-Figure)

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