• Soothsoft Innovations CHL20PLR Chillow Plus

    Sooth Soft

  • $34.95

  • Description

    If you are struggling to get a good sleep because of the heat, or simply want to cut down on using the air conditioner, the Chillow Plus is an excellent solution. It offers the same great features, in a larger size, as the original Chillow. It has a heavy duty enclosure filled with a special foam/gel that pulls heat away from your head, quickly dropping the surface temperature. Just add water to the fill port, remove the excess air, and place it in your pillow case with the medical-grade cloth face up. The Chillow Plus is non-toxic and latex free with a Hydro-Soothe membrane that is cooler to the touch and easy to clean. It dissipates heat offering a cool, soothing effect of memory foam comfort. Custom Velcro has been provided so you can wrap it around loved ones for injuries, burns and medical needs. Also provided are stick and grip feet so the user can customize it and use it for sleeping as well. The 80 ounce water capacity means more cooling for longer periods of time. This product uses less water and is lighter and easier to handle than the original Chillow, with all of the same great benefits sure to provide you the comfort you are looking for.

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