• Sorghum Syrup 16oz

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    Sorghum Syrup is processed by cooking the sweet juices of the Sorghum plant, which is from the corn family. It is rich in iron and remarkably heathy for you. Excellent for baking !! Uses -- The versatility of sorghum is being rediscovered by today's nutrition conscious homemakers. They are finding that there is hardly a food served today that sorghum will not improve. Put sorghum over your pancakes, biscuits or toast, as a topping for your ice cream or in Grandmas' treasured recipes for ginger snaps or ginger bread. Sorghum can be used in your stir fry base as well as in your baked beans, its' a great ingredient to add into you homemade breads and can be substituted cup for cup in any recipe that calls for molasses, honey, corn syrup or maple syrup. For today's chef, sorghum is a nutritious flavoring, a seasoning ingredient and a sugar substitute. Health Benefits -- Sorghum contains such hard-to-find nutrients as iron, calcium and potassium. Before the invention of daily vitamins, many doctors prescribed sorghum as a daily supplement for those low in these nutrients. Sorghum like honey can crystallize, however; putting it in a pan of warm water will restore it to a usable form.

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