• Space Rail Level 2

    Puzzle Master

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    If you are a lover of building your own machines that can do whatever your imagination can think of, then this is something that you have to get.  You will be mesmerized as the ball goes around the track that you build for it.  The auger that lifts your ball back to the top will ensure that it is in constant motion, flying down the track to its next turn or looping through the track again and again. 
    Your Space Rail journey continues here! This set is recommended for beginners. An English instruction manual is included.Rail length: 10000mmAssembled size: 60 x 18 x 36cmSteel balls: 2pcsWeight: 1kgDifficulty: EasyAssembly time: 2-3 hoursRecommended for beginnersEnglish instruction manual includedPackage includes:Base Unit x 2Shaft 300mm x 7Shaft 200mm x 2Rail (about out 10000mm) x 1Arm Holder A1 x 17Arm Holder A2 x 17Arm Holder A3 x 20Arm Holder A4 x 20Arm Holder A5 x 37Shaft Stand x 1Rail Stand x 40Seesaw Part x 3Elevator Part x 1Elevator Stand x 4Gear Box x 1Base Holder (big) x 1Base Holder (small) x 1Gear Box Stand x 1Steel Ball x 2Rail Joining Parts x 4English/Chinese Instruction Manual x 1
    Batteries Not included.  Requires one C battery.

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