• Specialty Tea Licorice Spice 20 Bags

    UNFI - S6

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    Herbal Tea-Licorice Spice by Stash Tea 20 Bag Stash Licorice Spice Tea For our unique Licorice Spice tea we combine the finest licorice root from Europe cinnamon from Sri Lanka star anise from China orange peel from the U.S.and sarsaparilla from South America. The result is a delicious dessert-like tea good anytime but especially enjoyable in the evening as it's caffeine free. Licorice Spice is an exclusive blend for Stash Tea. It is both sweet and spicy with the distinct yet subtle flavor of black licorice. Our Master Blender ensures that each handcrafted batch is perfect. Special care goes into the purchase of the herbs and spices which we buy from all over the world for this unique blend. One of the key ingredients licorice root first appears in the Chinese Pen Sao Ching (Classic of Herbs) written more than 5 000 years ago. Chinese physicians prescribed it to treat a variety of ailments including coughs and colds malaria food poisoning respiratory problems liver and urinary complai

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