• Spenco GRF Basketball W 11-12 / M 10-11

    Spenco Medical Corporation

  • $22.49

  • Description

    Based on our best-selling TOTAL SUPPORT Replacement Insole, Spenco GRF Insole for basketball incorporates unique design features to reduce impact forces and return energy; provide support and stability; enhance vertical leaps, and reduce the risk of ankle sprains.
    Semi-Rigid Arch Support Designed for Basketball
    Incorporating TOTAL SUPPORT Technology, our patent pending 3-Pod GRF Modulation System and the unique combination of a Forefoot Launch & Crash Pad and First Ray Drop Zone, our GFR Replacement Insoles for basketball not only cushion, stabilize, and support the feet straight out of the box, they also promote a more efficient stride and push-off. It's The Shape That Feels Great

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