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    UV Natural

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    100% Eco-Friendly! Safe for the surfer; safe for the sea!
    Many surfers claim to be ocean advocates/environmentally conscious; however, the surf industry is extremely toxic. It's all about creating a demand for alternative products. This sunscreen might be a little more expensive than most, but you pay for what you get. Keep up the demand for all natural products...it will make supply go up and price go down. UV Natural is totally unique and revolutionary in its formula. The sunscreen spreads like a moisturizer so you don't need to slather it on like other sunscreens. If it hasn't fully absorbed into your skin after 10-15 minutes, then you have possibly applied to much.
    UV Natural Adult formula has been designed for the serious outdoor enthusiast...in fact anyone who spends long periods in the sun, the water or both. Both the Classic Sport and New Adult have been rigorously tested in the most extreme conditions to provide you with uncompromised protection. From the desert to the tropics - both offer unparalleled performance.
    Whether you are snorkeling, swimming, surfing, hiking in the mountains, water skiing, wakeboarding, snow skiing, snowboarding, sailing, cycling.........the list is endless. We have the sunscreen solution for you. 
    New UV Natural Adult has easily surpassed the most stringent requirements of the Australian TGA and the American FDA for water resistance and prolonged exposure to the sun. It is sweat resistant and won't sting or burn your eyes like traditional sunscreens - perfect for surfers duck-diving under waves. They still recommend regular application during prolonged exposure but have been able to extend the time between applications.
    So if you want to enjoy your time outdoors with the minimum of disruption, UV Natura Adult is for you and your family. It comes in the large size (7.0 oz) perfect for your home, office, car, locker or travel bag.

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