Spike Seasoning (Super Natural)

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    Spike Seasoning Hot and Spicy by Gaylord Hauser 2.5 oz Shaker Spike Seasoning Hot and Spicy 2.5 oz Shaker A special blend of 39 flavorful hers and exotic spices makes Spiky Hot n' Spicy Magic the right amount of salt and a hearty dash of hot peppers. Some like it hot and your taste experience will not be disappointed with Spiky Hot n' Spicy Magic Stir it in salsa chili and guacamole. Sprinkle it on meats fish poultry popcorn just about everything. Directions Add a healthy dose of flavor season to taste Other Ingredients Salt crystals (earth and sea) cayenne pepper hydrolyzed soy protein (NO ADDED MSG) garlic soy granules onion black pepper chili peppers paprika chili powder (chili pepper cumin oregano garlic salt) nutritional yeast celery lemon and orange peels white pepper red and green bell peppers orange powder dill seed kelp curry powder horseradish mustard parsley flakes rosehips savory mushroom safflower rosemary basil marjoram thyme oregano tarragon spinach powder and tomato po

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