• Spike Lavender Candle - Media Room - 16 oz.

    LAFco New York

  • $65.00

  • Description

    That's Entertainment  The LAFCO House & Home Candle Collection has been designed to complement the ambience and decor of every room in your home. These beautiful soy-based candles are clean-burning, feature a 100% natural cotton wick and come encased in an oversized, hand-blown art glass vessel.   Soy-based candle designed for the media room  Over 90 hours of burn time  Notes of Mediterranean lavender and neroli oil  The Spike Lavender Candle features Mediterranean lavender, used in aromatherapy to sharpen one's senses, combined with neroli oil which reduces tension and anxiety. Perfect for the media room, this intriguing blend sets the mood for hours of entertainment pleasure.  Especially Suited For:   The media room  Essential Elements:   Size: 16 oz.

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