• SPOOK SCHOOL: Shadow Operations

    Paladin Press

  • $8.99

  • Description

    James Coats has years of experience profiling certain types of criminal activities for various law enforcement and government agencies. Coats combines those skills with wilderness survival training, advanced sleight-of-hand, escape and evasion and special F/X makeup to bring you an inventive and informative DVD that could aid you, or someone you love, in a dangerous or life-threatening situation.
    On this DVD you will learn:
    ■How to create and use a quick-change suit to change your appearance
    ■How to escape binds, such as rope and duct tape
    ■How to change your looks without makeup or costumes
    ■Various "on the run" wilderness camouflage techniques
    ■Ghillie suit application and construction
    ■How to escape from the trunk of a car
    And much more!

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