• Sport /Medical/ Vital Shoe ID - Yellow

    Vital ID

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    This Sport Shoe ID - is a perfect ID solution for runners, joggers, walkers and cyclists.
    We encourage everyone to wear a reflective Sports ID and to be safe participating in their chosen sport. It's better to be safe than sorry - Wear ID, it just may save your life!
    Designed to provide vital lifesaving information to paramedics in the event you are involved in an accident or suffer a medical incident when exercising, the Sport Shoe ID - is an effective method to carry your information.
     * Small size, lightweight & discreet (measures only 2.75" x1.00", weighs less than 5 grams!)
     * Fits securely and does not move when in use.
     * You'll never forget your ID - always fitted to your favorite running shoes.
     * Highly reflective - utilizes 3M ScotchliteTM silver reflective material (essential for jogging low-light conditions).
     * ID card fits inside inner pocket - out of sight in normal use.
     * Easily updated - spare ID card included.
     * Fits most footwear types with either laces or VelcroTM closures.
     * 100% waterproof & tough construction.
     * Alternatively can be worn fitted to your belt or worn around your neck using a chain. 
     The Sport ID - shoe is opened and the lower section is threaded below the laces. The ID card inserted in the internal pocket and the upper section is folded down and is fixed to the lower section using a hook & loop closure.

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