• Sport Suds Laundry Detergent 1.8kg Tub

    Sport Suds

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    Sport Suds advanced formula gently cleans clothes and rinses completely, leaving no residue behind. It completely eliminates deeply embedded odors. 
    Use it for washing technical sports fabrics. It cleans microwoven fibers to allow perspiration to wick from your skin into the air. It unclogs the pores of waterproof-breathable fabrics and it cleans the outside surface of waterproof-breathable fabrics to allow water to bead-up and roll off. 
    Sport Suds features a people friendly formulation that contains NO perfume, dyes, optical brighteners, sodium laureth sulfates, d-limonene, PABAs, petrochemical products softeners or fillers. 
    Sport Suds is made from natural ingredients and is certified biodegradable and is suitable for use in small lakes and streams. It's also safe for grey water and septic systems. 
    The lab verified hypo-allergenic formulation is ideal for infants and others with sensitive skin.
    The high yield powder formulation means one tablespoon is enough to wash a full machine load of clothes. One plastic tub contains enough detergent for over 140 machine loads or numerous hand washes.
    Safe and effective for all fabrics normally washed in water. Use on cotton, silk, wool, synthetics, Lycra, etc. Suitable for daily washing. 
    Sport Suds has NOT been animal tested.

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