• Sports Vital / Sports ID Adjustable Bracelet ~Personal ID ~ Red

    Vital ID

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    This Sport ID - Wristband is a perfect ID solution for runners, joggers, walkers and cyclists. We encourage everyone to wear a reflective Sports ID and to be safe participating in their chosen sport. It's better to be safe than sorry - Wear ID, it just may save your life! Designed to provide vital lifesaving information to paramedics in the event you are involved in an accident or suffer a medical incident when exercising, the Sport ID - wristband is an effective method to carry your information. * Highly reflective - utilizes 3M Scotchlite silver reflective material (essential for jogging low-light conditions.) * ID card is kept securely and discreetly within the Sport ID wristband. * Can be used as a watch strap or with certain types of heart rate monitors (for use with watches and HRM that utilize strap pins of 0.75 inch width*) * Easily updated - spare ID card included. * 100% waterproof - OK to use in the swimming pool & ocean. * Comfortable and discreet. * Unisex sport design. * Size Available (small/medium - wrist circumf. 6-7") (medium/large wrist circumf. 7-8")

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