• Springer Bike Lead for Dogs

    NaturVet (Nor-Sky)

  • $42.00

  • Description

    No practice is necessary. Reduces your dogs tugs by up to 90%. Mounted or dismounted in 2 sec. - using no tools. Both your hands are on the handlebar at all times. SPRINGER arm with spring can be mounted on either side of the bike. Fits regular bikes, touring bikes and mountain bikes with the normal triangular shaped frames. Keeps your dog gently, but firmly in place at your side, protected from traffic, pedals, and wheels. The low mounted coil spring absorbs and reduces the dog's sudden jerks and pulls, making it easier to keep your balance. Safety release frees the dog instantly should it run on the wrong side of a tree, hydrant, pole, or similar obstacle. SPRINGER installs on either side of most standard ladies' and mens' bikes, including mountain bikes and touring bikes.Between trips SPRINGER may be mounted or dismounted in two seconds, using only the tip of your finger.

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