• Spy Gear Night Sight

    Battat (Toysmith)

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  • Description

    Spy Gear Ultimate Night Vision are handheld binoculars that use real infrared night vision technology to let kids see in pitch black darkness, up to 50 feet.  Set the goggles to long-range or short-range view settings.  Please note that red LED lights will come on (but may appear faint) in long-range view only and will be invisible in short range view.  The Ultimate Night Vision also has a Day Mode for missions that take place during daylight hours.  Some units may come without a neck strap.  (Please contact Spy Gear Customer Service if you have questions at 800-247-6570 x4 or help@wildplanet.com M-F 9am -5pm.)
           Ultimate stealth Ultimate surveillance Ultimate Night Vision Track suspects with these real working night vision binoculars Real infrared technology lets you see up to fifty' in pitch black darkness

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