• Spy Gear Voice Scrambler

    Battat (Toysmith)

  • $38.00

  • Description

    While much effort is put into concealing the appearance of a spy, with the obligatory trench coat, wide brimmed hat, and sunglasses, little attention is paid to disguising the actual sound of the spy's voice. After all, how undercover can you ever really be if it's easy to identify you the first time you talk? Thanks to this spy voice scrambler, however, an anonymous spy could vocally stay that way. Fitting neatly in the palm of your hand, it sports options for recording, playback, and a special "voice twister" meant to distort the sound. All three functions worked nicely in our informal test. With its ambiguous and sleek design, it could also function handily as a pretend Star Trek communication device.  --Charlie Williams 
           Record your voice then twist it, warp it, speed it up or slow it down! Disguise your voice to pass a secret message or record other sounds for fun playback.

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