• Star Trek: The Original Series Art Prints - Set 3


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    Fine art from Star Trek's original series! • Beautiful retro-style posters from TOS Episodes 27, 36, 44, and 70. • Highly limited to just a single print run! The Star Trek The Original Series Fine Art Poster collection is a remarkable assembly of fine-art posters that true fans of the Star Trek television show's original series simply cannot do without. Each print measures 24-inches tall x 18-inches wide and is limited to a single run only. Collect them all! Set 3 features 4 TOS posters: Episode 27 "The Alternative Factor" Episode 36 "Catspaw" Episode 44 "The Trouble With Tribbles" Episode 70 "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" This is the third set in a line of retro-style art prints by artist Juan Ortiz that take inspiration from Star Trek's original series. There's a poster for every episode of the original Star Trek television series, including the first pilot, making 80 in all.

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