• Steel Cable Lock (Black)


  • $13.99

  • Description

    Product Details  Overall size of lock body 2.75 in (L) x 1.125 in (H) x 0.375 in (W) Steel cable stretches to approx 59-Inch   Max Loop size Approx 62.75 in  Cable end loop is approx 0.5-Inch side High security 3-combination all weather steel coil cable lock 0-0-0 return function-- All dials will stop at -Inch 0-Inch when turned clockwise, allowing you to find -Inch 0-Inch and unlock the combination when you cannot see the dials Cable is made of a steel coiled rope with a smooth plastic covering Cable is flexible for ease of use. Difficult to sever because steel fibers will mash flat making cutting difficult. Easy push lever allows you to attach and detach cable from lock quickly. Great for your bike, motorcycle or luggage.

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