• Sterno Emergency Candle, 6-Inch column

    Liberty Mountain (J,K,L)

  • $8.27

  • Description

    The Sterno 40256 Emergency Candle is a multi-purpose candle that burns for 55 hours. Unlike flashlights which require batteries, this 6-inch candle is ready any time an emergency occurs. This portable candle is ideal for power outages, blackouts, natural disasters and auto breakdowns. For over 100-years, Sterno has been the trusted supplier of Gel Chafing Fuel. In 2013 Sterno was acquired by CandleLamp, the leading innovator of Wick Chafing Fuels and hundreds of creative lighting solutions, to establish the SternoCandleLamp brand. Our company is fueled by imagination and by the core values of passion, innovation, trust, value, service and connection. SternoCandleLamp strives to be the industry’s partner of choice by providing quality products, superior service and unmatched value. Visit www.amazon.com/sternocandlelamp for more information on SternoCandleLamp and our extensive line of products.

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