• Still Spirits Alcoholmeter 0-100% & Proof Scale with

    Brewcraft USA

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    This floating still spirits alcoholmeter is used to measure the proof of moonshine and other distilled spirits. Works just like a floating hydrometer. Provides measurements of alcohol content in proof of spirit and Tralles (percent of alcohol by volume). Used only for distilled spirits; not fermented beverages like beer, wine, mead and cider. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Proof of spirit scale, 0 to 200. Percent of alcohol by volume scale (Tralles) 0 to 100. Specs: For distilled spirits only. Will NOT work for fermented beverages like beer, wine, cider and mead. Made of glass. 11 3/4" L. Includes: Direction sheet. Protective plastic storage case.

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