• Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow Kit

    D & L Company

  • $14.99

  • Description

    Kids can get rid of some excess energy with this air-powered outdoor  rocket toy. No battery or fuel is needed to get the rockets airborne--just  some old-fashioned stomping power. Set up the simple launch stand in a clear  outdoor area, connect the 38-inch-long vinyl air hose and blast pad, load one  of the 9-inch yellow foam rockets--and watch out. Our 5-year-old assistant reviewer  really got a kick out of jumping on the purple blast-off pad and watching her  rockets soar 50 feet or more, though she had to fight the adults for a turn.  If the three rockets included with the kit aren't enough fun, you can order  stomp parachutes and spin copters from the manufacturer.  --Marianne  Painter 
           Stomp on the Launch Pad and a blast of air propels the Stomp Rocket over 100 feet in the air! The kit comes with 4 glow in the dark foam rockets. Great Birthday Party Gift! Fun for the whole family.

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