• Strawberry Shortcake Doll Sling


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  • Description

    Girls just want to have fun, and with this playful doll sling she sill do just that.    Let your child play mommy with her dolls by carrying them in her very own doll sling. Although this is a "baby doll" sling it can be used to carry any of her toy "friends".  
     A doll sling is a great way for her to carry herlovies when they are out and about. No more dragging them through the dirt, or laying them down somewhere to be left behind and franticly searched for later. They can ride in style as your child cares for them in her doll sling.  
     Snuggy baby doll slings are made in the pouch style because it is the easiest style to wear. There is no adjusting needed. A child can slide the doll sling over his head and put their friends in. There are no rings to adjust or ties to mess with. They can just put the sling on all by themselves and go.  
     This doll sling measures 18 " x 14". This is the perfect size for toddlers through 5 years old.  
     A baby doll sling makes a great sibling gift. This is the perfect present to give a new big sister. They will be able to care for their "friends" just like mommy is taking care of the new baby. 
     Although this doll sling is perfect for carrying that one special doll, or a whole team of friends, it is not made to support any live friends. It is not suitable for carrying pets or babies.

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