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    Masterpiece Vincent Pro Stretcher Bar Pair and Cross Brace Kit - Vincent Pro Bar Pair and Brace Kit - 7/8 Inch Deep Masterpiece's new patent pending technology reinvented how stretcher bars are made and marketed by selling them in pairs and by including a keyable cross brace. Yes, every size is cross-braced; in fact, they make your canvas stay tighter, because they resist the stretcher bars from bowing inward after the canvas is stretched. This kit includes 2 Bars, a cross brace, two brace keys, and a screw used to join to another cross brace. Each stretcher bar has a unique groove on the inside perimeter of the Bar. When the frame is built, and the cross brace is put into position, a key, or wedge, is inserted into the slot between the Bar and the Brace, that holds the cross brace into position, and also allows the frame to be expanded by forcing the key deeper in the slot, thereby increasing canvas tension in the middle of the frame, where it is needed the most. The 7/8 Inch deep stretcher bar is taller, stronger, and yields a full 5/16 Inch relief to the canvas, thereby preventing those unsightly lines created when the canvas touches the Bar underneath. The precision machined, kiln-dried Bars are milled with lumber harvested from the sustainable forests of Oregon and California. Bars and braces are made only using solid-wood; no finger joints.

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