• STREET COMBAT including STREET COMBAT WORKOUT - Willie "The Bam" Johnson's Guide to Understanding, Avoiding, and Defeating the Street Predator

    Paladin Press

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    There are few creatures on this earth as dangerous as the real-life, in-your-face street predator. He doesn't fear injury or death, he doesn't care about prison and he is willing to destroy anything that gets in his way. Seven-time World Champion Willie "The Bam" Johnson knows the street predator as few can - he used to be one. Johnson takes you inside the frightening world of real street attacks and teaches you what it takes to survive them. He then teaches you easily mastered blocks, strikes and kicks that really work on the street and shows you how to develop the strong fighting spirit you'll need to survive these vicious attacks. 
     For information purposes only. Color, approx. 175 min.

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