• Stretch Max with Cathe Friedrich

    Cathe Friedrich

  • $19.95

  • Description

    STRETCH MAX is a 60 minute program that consists of three 20 minute stretching segments. The stretches you will see are a hybrid of basic, athletic-based, yoga-based, and gymnastic-based. Feel free to do any or all of the segments 
    as often as you like. For best results and to enhance your flexibility, it's recommended that you do at least one of the 
    segments 3 times per week. Also note that you should be completely warmed up before participating in the segments. 
    Cathe personally likes to stretch after a minimum of a 20 minute cardio. That's when she finds her muscles completely 
    pliable and open to elasticity gains. Each segment focuses on stretching all of the major muscle groups in the body. 
    Segment one does this without any equipment, while segment 2 uses a stability ball and segment 3 uses a resistance 
    band. The overall atmosphere on the workouts is calm and peaceful with very little talking once in the stretch.

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