• Sun Star - Back To The Future Part III DeLorean (1/18 scale diecast model car)

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    The way I see it, if you're going to build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?" --- 'Doc' Emmett L. Brown
    In the early '80s, car maker John Z. DeLorean had big dreams for his sleek sliver automobiles, but he probably never imagined that they would one day travel through time and into the hearts of millions of movie goers!
    In 1985, teenager Marty McFly accidentally found himself behind the wheel of Doc Brown's latest invention --- a super-customized DeLorean retrofitted with a portable plutonium-powered nuclear reactor which sent him hurtling through the veil of time 30 years into the past to help his parents fall in love. Doc explained to Marty that the car's stainless-steel construction helps with flux dispersal, an aid necessary for time traveling. When he later traveled forward to the future, Doc took the DeLorean concept to all new heights. Modified and futurized with a sample hover conversion from the year 2015, enabling the DeLorean to defy gravity as well as the time barrier.
    Over the course of 130 years, Marty & Doc found themselves in a number if nail-biting adventures as they traveled across the space-time continuum in this highly detailed 1:18 scale version of the durable DeLorean time machine vehicle. As the duo quickly learned, if you're traveling through time, you're going to encounter some different kinds of terrain. Whether you're flying down the skyways of the future or riding the rails in the Old West, the DeLorean is THE time machine of choice!
    Features opening doors and hood, rolling wheels which swivel but do not lock into normal position.

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