• Sunfood Vanilla Powder, Sustainably Grown, Vegan, Raw, 8oz

    Sunfood Nutrition

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    This is truly RAW vanilla bean powder! We have developed a unique method of grinding fresh vanilla beans at low temperatures, producing a fine powder with a luscious aroma and incredible flavor. Only the Tahitensis species of vanilla is used to create this incredible product, and all the vanilla beans are sustainably grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers in Papua New Guinea. Once fully cured, the vanilla beans are ground into a fragrant powder which is more potent than the same amount of whole vanilla beans. Unlike other types of vanilla beans, the vanilla beans used to produce this traditional aphrodisiac have never been blanched in hot water to start the curing process.
    This vanilla is stronger than liquid vanilla and smells devine. I love to mix this vanilla powder in my smoothies -- awesome! - J. Mornan
    I use this product on my smoothies and sometimes I add a sparkle on my tea. You only have to use a very little bit since it goes a long way. It is also a great way to enhance a banana- cocoa smoothies. - Juan R.
    I first read about raw vanilla powder on a cooking blog, but couldnt find anything that looked worthwhile. I've only tried Sunfood's goji berries (good) but didn't know they even made vanilla powder until I stumbled on this product listing. It smells amazing and makes a big difference. Plus, its nice to know that it was harvested and grown sustainable. I usually have just bought whatever was in the spice isle at Ralphs, but I'm going to be more picky, even with ingredient products... it's worth it. - Isis

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