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    SUNSHINE'S BAT HOUSE - Large. This special bat house was designed by Amanda Lollar, who rescued and rehabilitated a little bat named "Sunshine" and then wrote a book about her. Her field testing of many of these bat houses indicates that bats are readily attracted to and occupy this style. With two chambers and an open slot at the bottom, this abode is suitable for all species of small, insectivorous bats. Features include a screened landing platform, rough finished interior and echolocation slots on the sides to help bats locate the hollow cavity. This bat house will accomodate up to 200 bats. Picture shows large size bat house. 
    Do bats transmit the West Nile Virus? According to Bat Conservation International, bats are "dead-end hosts" for the West Nile Virus. This means that mosquitoes can infect bats, but bats do not transmit the virus back to mosquitoes. Since the virus is transmitted to people by infected mosquitoes, bats do not transmit the West Nile Virus. Because bats are huge consumers of insects, bat houses can aid in the control of mosquitoes. Therefore, installing bat houses can help to reduce the threat of West Nile Virus. How do I exclude bats from my house? First, find out how the bats are entering and exiting the house. This is done by watching the house at dusk to try to determine where the bats are leaving the building when they go out in search of food. If possible put a piece of netting or screening over the opening. Attach the top of the netting several inches above the opening and along the sides at least a foot to either side of the entrance. The bottom is left open so the bats can drop out. The netting will form a one-way flap so the bats can exit, but they are unable to reenter.

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