• SUPER16 No Pedal Balance Bike Green


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  • Description

    The Strider 16 is the perfect bike to build coordination, confidence and balance in kids of all abilities. The Strider Super 16 is a balance bike designed specifically for 6 to 11 year old children. Unlike the traditional training bicycle, the Strider balance bike has no pedals, chain, or sprockets and needs no training wheels. The Strider Super 16 balance bike is actually an amazing educational vehicle. This is the perfect bike for an older child who has not yet learned to ride on two wheels or for children with developmental disabilities that prohibit them from enjoying or functioning on a pedal bike.  Coordination, motor skills, balance, and strength will improve as your child experiments with walking the bike. You will see self-confidence quickly grow in your new rider. In a few short weeks even the rider will be able to steer and balance the Strider Super 16, and move along varied terrain. Soon those first timid steps will become longer and longer strides as your son or daughter learns balance and how to propel the Strider Super 16 at greater speeds. It won't be long before the Strider balance bike will mobilize your youngster like nothing else. Simple and lightweight 15 lb design. Aluminum 16 inch rims with Steel Hubs-Strong and Light  Rider weight limit of 120 lbs. Frame design has integrated footrests for gliding.

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