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    Many schools use these multicolored plastic tiles and diagrams  as challenging mental exercises for children. The set includes 15  diagram cards with 29 diagrams and a solution key. The easier diagrams  are those of familiar objects; the more difficult ones those of  abstract shapes. Only tiles of a certain shape can fill in the outlines  of each diagram. Students use spatial relationships, shape recognition,  and problem-solving skills to complete diagrams with the geometrically  shaped tiles. Children can enjoy this activity on their own and develop  skills in independent thinking and self-directed play. Recent studies  have shown that creative thinking and problem solving can increase  brainpower. Though this product is called Mr. SuperMind, Ms. SuperMinds  will enjoy it just as much.  --Lee Strucker 
           Super Mind Regular Edition - Makes Kids Very Smart - Ages 5-9 (#40200) SuperMind by Leisure Learning is the winner of many awards & is recognized as a valuable learning tool in over countries throughout the world.

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