• Surf Cleat For Fin Track


  • $7.60

  • Description

    No leashplug? No worries! To accommodate boards without leash plugs, the Cleat serves as an adapter by making a traditional fin box DOCKsLOCKs ready. The Cleat is made from marine grade stainless steel, so it is both strong and weather resistant. It is placed into the track of your fin box, either fore or aft of your fin, whichever end you never use. The Cleat comes with a one-way set screw, which means that once it is installed a would be thief would not be able to remove it, even if the thief took your fin. **Important ** Remember to place your Cleat either all the way forward or back in your fin box, with the cut out portion of the Cleat FACING IN TOWARD THE CENTER OF YOUR FIN BOX, as it becomes a permanent fixture in you fin box track.) TO BE USED WITH DOCKSLOCKS 'JAWS' LOCKING SYSTEM

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