• SwaddleMe® Microfleece (Large, Sage)

    Summer Infant

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    Wrap your baby in the comfort of the Summer Infant SwaddleMe®, the original adjustable infant wrap.  Swaddling soothes newborns by recreating the familiar, comforting snugness of the womb and helps prevent baby from startling awake so babies, and parents, sleep more soundly.  SwaddleMe® wings are adjustable for just the right fit on baby and keep even wiggly babies swaddled tight.  Every baby needs to sleep safe and sound!  It's a SwaddleMe® World
           The Swaddle Me Infant Wrap is a cozy microfleece wearable blanket that eliminates the hazards of loose bedding, while keeping your baby warm all night. In addition, it has been found that infants sleep better and longer when swaddled, or wrapped securely. The Swaddle Me Infant Wrap is easy to slip on and wrap around a sleeping or wide-awake baby. The bottom pouch pops down for easy diaper changes, and the back has slits for car seat/swing harnesses so that a harness can be attached securely. Features:  Size preemie- for babies 0 to 3 months. Size small - for babies six to 18 pounds or 19 to 26 inches.  Size large - for babies 16 to 25 pounds or 26 to 31 inches. Cozy polyester microfleece. Roomy sack can't be kicked off but allows movement  Soft fabric wings wrap your baby's arms and stay securely in place with hook-and-loop closures  Leg pouch pops down for easy diaper changing  Back slits allow car seat or swing harness through  Swaddling instructions included  Machine washable

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