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    Pediatricians know that swaddling babies has multiple benefits. It can calm a fussy infant in minutes, it can reduce colic by recreating the womb, it can ease startle reflex that wakes them, and it can even reduce the risk of SIDS by helping little ones sleep through the night.  But those pediatricians aren’t the ones having to wrestle a wiggly infant into a swaddled state. Parents know how difficult it can be to accomplish this, especially with loose blankets. Luckily, Kiddopotamus has just the thing: their SwaddleMe adjustable wrap. This ingenious covering snugly-not tightly-holds baby through a system of self-fasteners that can adjust to provide a comfortable fit as baby grows.         An easy, three-step process has baby bundled and calm in seconds.     How it works  Align baby’s shoulders with the contoured top of the open SwaddleMe and tuck their legs inside the leg pouch. Wrap the left wing over baby’s torso, tuck it around baby’s left arm, and attach the fabric fastener to the leg pouch. Place the right wing over the left and secure with fabric fasteners.  NOTE: The fabric should never cover baby’s mouth or nose.   The simplicity of SwaddleMe is enough to sell most parents, but Kiddopotamus went the extra mile on convenience, too. The leg pouch folds down for easy diaper checks and changes-while baby’s arms remain cozily secure. SwaddleMe has a harness slit on its back that allows it to be placed in car seats, strollers, and swings for babies on the move. Based on your location, or the time of year that baby will use SwaddleMe, the comfy contraption is available in three different fabrics-lightweight microfleece, cotton flannel, and knit cotton-and a slew of colors and patterns.   Sizes  The SwaddleMe is available in three, offering a perfect fit for whatever stage you need: preemie is for babies weighing 3-7 pounds; small is for babies weighing 7-14 pounds; and large is for babies weighing 15-22 pounds. These sizes are meant to be only a guideline as babies’ girth can vary. 
           Pediatricians recommend swaddling to comfort and soothe newborns, but loose blankets are difficult to keep snug. SwaddleMe wings have Velcro tabs, to wrap up your newborn and stay comfortably in place. As baby grows, wings readjust for a perfect fit. SwaddleMe wings are easily opened to prevent overheating, and the leg pouch can be popped down for a quick diaper checking or changing. SwaddleMe can also be used in the car seat, simply insert car seat harnesses through the access slits!

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