• SweepUp Broom and Dustpan Set - 90cm

    Eva Solo

  • $24.75

  • Description

    The Eva Solo Sweep Up broom and dust pan all-in-one set is both practical and aesthetic. Use the broom to easily and quickly sweep the floors in your home, slide the broom down over the dustpan handle and set aside and out in a room so that it is always ready to use. The broom and dust pan with its user friendly and functional design means you do not need to bend down to sweep dust and crumbs off the floor into the dust pan. The broom is designed with a rounded head with no sharp edges, and long, strong plastic bristles that effectively sweep without scratching floors and baseboards. The upright free standing set can be left out in the kitchen or any room in the house when not in use. Designer: TOOLS.

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