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    Please see alternate images above for SIZING and additional description information. --T-Scope Elbow BraceThe T-Scope Elbow is ideal for fixed or controlled range of motion. This lightweight, low profile product provides telescoping forearm and humeral bars, range of motion control, and lock out ability at any angle. Additionally, a detachable shoulder sling is included.Indications:Stable fractures of the elbow, distal humerus of proximal radius or ulna Tendon and ligament injuries or repairs (Tommy John surgery, distal biceps tendon repair) Chronic elbow injuries Collateral ligament reconstructions Elbow hyperextension Range of motion control post injury Tennis elbow release Triceps tendon repairNeutral Hand Accessory BREG?s T-Scope Elbow Brace offers the following benefits:Lightweight brace weighs just 13 oz. Low profile design conforms to patient?s arm Telescoping forearm and humeral bars ROM control in 10? increments: extension control from -10? to 110?, flexion control from 10? to 120? Lock-out ability at any angle with drop lockComfortable accessory to reduce flexion, extension and rotation of the wrist.

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