• Table Top Mist Fountain

    Canary Products

  • $15.54

  • Description

    This is the newest model of table top mist fountain. It can decorate your home or office. This item also acts as a night light, air purifier, humidifier and aromatic diffuser. Canary Product mist fountain has the best mist maker machine, and produces twice the amount of mist with its 20mm disc. Our mist maker comes with an easy set-up tower, where you place the mist maker and place your splash guard over it. No more headaches with setting up the product. With its 12 color changing LED lights, it is designed to become the center piece of your room, as it continuously changes colors. We have increased the density and have made our new glass bowl and splash guard thicker, so it is durable. It comes with a convenience of an ON/OFF switch, so you do not have to uplug the unit every time. The adapter has been redesigned and UL certified so that it is small and does not take your whole outlet. NOTE: PLEASE USE TAP WATER ONLY!

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