• Tai Chi for Arthritis (Multi-Language Version)

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    The beginning of  Tai Chi for Arthritis  introduces the arthritic senior-citizen members of Paul Lam's Australian tai chi class, who share their stories of increased range of motion and resulting enjoyment of life thanks to the positive effects of exercise. Lam, a Sydney physician and international tai chi champion, personally vouches for the ancient practice, which reversed the debilitating effects of his own arthritis. Then the class follows an hour-long program of warm-ups, stretches, and 12 movements that increase muscle tone and joint movement for the arthritic. These consist of six basic movements, six more advanced movements, and a separate demonstration by Lam without verbal instruction for those ready for a more fluid daily practice. Lam also introduces a set of  qigong  exercises for arthritis, explaining that the Chinese believe that the sluggish flow of Qi--the Chinese word for energy--is a major cause of arthritis.  --Kimberly Heinrichs

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