• Tao Te Ching, 25th-Anniversary Edition (English and Mandarin Chinese Edition)

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    Scholars say that the original  Tao Te Ching  is a poem. Like a poem, this version of the  Tao Te Ching  is not meant to be read in one breath from front to back, but is to be at intervals internalized and contemplated. Jane English's haunting black-and-white photos that undulate in and out on every page act as glycerin elixirs, helping the words slide into our souls for patient digestion. The photographs--of a glistening spider web, cloud-enveloped mountain tops, reflections on water, leaves in the sunlight--are as serenely lyrical as the ancient text, itself.  
           "No one has done better in conveying Lao Tsu's simple and laconic style  of writing, so as to produce an English version almost as suggestive of  the many meanings intended." —Alan Watts

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