• Tapestries: Weaving Life's Journey (Lifeways)

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    This volume helps uncover the unique patterns people weave in life. At a time of wide interest in biography, this is a set of keys to understanding the patterns and rhythms of one's life. Readers are invited to consider the shuttle of threads one uses as the weft of one's life story. Some of these threads are temperament, gender, love, family, nationality, birth order and unfolding relationships. A vivid picture of adult growth is presented. Twelve very different people's stories are followed, through each life phase and passage, wondering what will happen next. Readers can consider how they may have responded to the choices faced by these individuals. Life's dilemmas are explored, for example, that of career versus parenting, and the choices for old age. This opens up options to consider, which roads to take in life and the encouragement to reflect. Betty Staley draws on her life experiences as a teach of history and literature at the Sacramento Waldorf School. Rudolf Steiner's work on biography is integrate with current psychological research and feminist writing. Poems and stories are also included. Contents include: time, growth and human relationships - the human being in the world of matter, soul and spirit; family relationships; the individual and the group; effects of birth order in the family; man and woman; masculine and feminine; love; life cycles and human rhythms; the phases of adult life and the stages of relationships.

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