• Taza Powder

    Culinary Collective

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  • Description

    Chocolate a la taza is a thick and decadent hot chocolate enjoyed throughout Spain - it can be used as a drink alone or as a rich accompaniment to Spanish churros and other pastries.  Make your own chocolate a la taza at home with this convenient powder by Blanxart - simply mix the powder into hot milk until it is almost as thick as pudding. Serve in cups or bowls with a batch of fresh churros.  To prepare, stir powder into a pot (or mug) of hot milk. For a lighter version, add the chocolate powder slowly until desired thickness.  Made by Blanxart, a fabled Spanish chocolatier. Blanxart selects their own cocoa beans and roasts them to ensure the best quality, taste and texture. Blanxart hand crafts their products using traditional recipes and techniques to produce some of the world's very best chocolate.

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