• Tea Experience Gift Set

    Primula / Epoca International, Inc.

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  • Description

    Something Extraordinary Is Brewing! Primula Blossom Flowering Tea Set includes a 40-Ounce Glass Teapot, 6 Flowering teas and a Loose Tea Variety Pack. The tea pot is made of hand-blown, borosilicate glass, ideal for preparing flowering tea. Primula Flowering Teas are hand sewn by artisans in China. The finest AA Grade green tea leaves are wrapped around all natural flowers to create an encapsulated pod. Simply place the tea pod in the bottom of the tea pot or mug. Pour boiling water over the tea pod. As the tea steeps the pod will unfurl into a colorful flower. Also included is a tea infuser for use with loose teas. Comes with a loose tea variety pack that includes White tea (the most delicate lowest caffeine level of tea), Green Tea (the most famous for the health properties) and Black Tea (perfect for iced tea). This unique gift set is truly for a tea lover or someone that loves to try new things. Each tea flower brews a different flower design so its enjoyable to watch. This experience is visual, aromatic and delicious. A true sensory experience.

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