• Technivorm Moccamaster Thermo Coffeemaker


  • $329.00

  • Description

    The Moccamaster KBGT 741 has all the great benefits of the original with a couple significant improvements. The KBGT model has an automatic drip brew basket while the KBT model has a manual adjust brew basket. When you remove the carafe on the KBGT 741 the flow of coffee is automatically shut off. This coffeemaker is 1.25 liters and brews temperatures between 133.6-140.8 degrees Fahrenheit. The Moccamaster maintains the temperatures of 112-121 degrees Fahrenheit, which meets the requirements of the European Coffee Brewing Centre and the Specialty Coffee Association of America and Europe. The jug has a mixing lid for a homogenic brew and has a 9-hole sprayhead that wets the grounds evenly. Therefore, you get the most flavor with minimal waste. Other great features for this product include: aluminum housing, visible scale indication, copper boiling element with double safety guard and an automatic adjusting hotplate. The average brew time is 5-6 minutes. The dimensions are 6.7? x 13? x 14.2?.Original ?Smitdesign? handbuilt by Technivorm of Amerongen, The Netherlands.

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