• Terre Exotique Curry (Madras), 2.1 oz

    The French Farm

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    The word Curry comes from the Tamil 'Kari' and was introduced by the British colonists in India.  It refers to a mix of spices of which the composition varies depending on the region, the wealth and ethnicity.  Recipes are guarded as family secrets and passed from mother to daughter since the dawn of time. Origin: India.  In the South East part of India, in the State of Tamil Nadu, a mix is produced known for its complex flavor hot (warm) and spicy at the same time.  Its name is Madras Curry. It carries the name of the old port in the Golfe of Bengal that saw so many power struggles between French and English. Use in cooking: Madras curry is espcially good on white meats in sauce recipes.  It will also be lovely with musels, or oysters (poached).  Use in a puree of chickpeas (Humus), lentils or many other vegetarian dishes.

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