• TERROR AT BESLAN; A Russian Tragedy with Lessons for American Schools

    Paladin Press

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    Will the next major terrorist attack on U.S. soil come in the form of deadly public transportation bombings as in London and Madrid? Or will it be even more horrifying - hundreds of children massacred at their school, as occurred in Beslan, Russia, in September 2004? Terror at Beslan is a chilling critical analysis of the events that unfolded over three terrifying days. Besides providing a complete and accurate account of the entire tragic episode, it dissects the terrorist attack and siege in detail, showing how gunmen surveilled, gained access and laid seige to the building as well as how they captured, secured and ultimately murdered their young hostages. Most significantly, the book highlights the vital lessons America's schools and law enforcement must learn from this tragedy in order to prevent a similar massacre from happening here. Author John Giduck was one of a handful of professional U.S. antiterrorist experts who was actually on the scene immediately after the attack and later given access to the school grounds as well as witnesses, rescuers and survivors. He had the knowledge, connections and ability to find out what really happened at Beslan. His important book is essential reading for anyone with a stake in America's War on Terror - and that means all of us.

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