• The Anger Workout Book for Teens

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    Ready-to-use classroom lessons with over 40 reproducible student worksheets and hundreds of practical learning activities designed to help teens work out their anger and learn skills for anger management. Anger is natural and we all get angry, but learning how to use your anger to help solve a problem or to make a change can be hard work. This book provides step-by-step instructions and activities to help counselors guide students through effective, meaningful expressions of anger. Make anger helpful, not harmful. Learn quick and easy tips for recognizing anger and dealing with difficult situations. Students explore a variety of practical, fun, and interactive activities. They learn lifelong techniques for working with, and working out, their anger through self-expression, relaxation, self-control, negotiation, compromise, and just plain letting go and moving on. Here's a sampling of worksheet topics:  

    • What Does Anger Look Like?
    • Physical Responses to Anger
    • Preventer or Provoker?
    • Violence in the Media
    • Escape, Express, Explode
    • Stop, Break, Think, Respond
    • The Gift of Patience
    • Problem Solving
    • Negotiation and Compromise
    • Dealing with Other People's Anger

    Grades 7-12

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