• The Bar Method: Change Your Body

    The Bar Method

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    The Bar Method: Change Your Body! Burr guides you through a 54-minute total body workout that targets the key muscles involved in body reshaping. The workout include free-weight exercises and push-ups to sculpt your arms, leg exercises and stretches performed at a portable bar or high-backed chair to sculpt and slim down your legs and hips (including the Bar Methods famous bun-lifting pretzel), core work done on a mat, and a relaxing series of final stretches. Burrs fellow performers, Catherine Wendel, Jen Hendrick and Jane Culliford are teachers and owners of Bar Method studios respectively in Chicago, New Jersey and New York.
    What you need:
    * A sturdy chair or portable bar
    * A soft strap for stretching
    * Two free weights that are 2-to-4 pounds each (optional)
    DVD Specifications:
    * 54 min.
    * 6 Chapters
    * Language: English

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