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    John Friend is one of the most charismatic and highly respected hatha yoga teachers in the world. Blending an uplifting Tantric yoga philosophy with an entertaining sense of humor and a profound knowledge of biomechanics, John's teaching style guides each student to live every moment fully from the heart. Students often comment in amazement that they can perform their yoga poses under John's guidance with a level of creative freedom and inner power that they have never experienced before. Above all, John respects and honors his students with a great deal of loving-kindness and inspires them to see their own unique beauty and divine goodness. In 1997 John founded Anusara Yoga® to promote his innovative vision. Today, Anusara Yoga is one of the most popular and fastest growing schools of hatha yoga in North America with an expanding presence in the UK, Europe, Japan, and Australia.
           This 10 DVD set covers an entire 5-day Level I Anusara Yoga Teacher Training with John Friend, which took place in Atlanta, Georgia. This set of Teacher Training DVDs includes asana classes, teaching exercises, therapeutic elements, and the main skill elements of teaching yoga. Teachers who have already taken a Teacher Training with John Friend can benefit greatly by hearing the latest and most refined focus of his teaching, while students and teachers who have difficulty making it to live Anusara Yoga events can use these DVDs as invaluable study aids, and everybody can delight in having John Friend lectures and classes available to them at the touch of a button. Some of the topics covered in this DVD set include:
        * Anusara Yoga's Life-affirming Tantric Philosophy
        * The Freedom of Balanced Action
        * The 5 Elements and Adhikara
        * Choosing Class Themes
        * Integration of Heart Language into Postural Instructions
        * Relating Universal Principles of Alignment to the Theme
        * Shoulder Therapeutics and Adjustments
        * Lower Body Therapeutics and Adjustments
        * Overview of Yoga History
        * The Guru Principle
        * The Concept of Beauty and the  Harmony of Relationship
        * Progress on the Path of Yoga
        * Fullness, Appreciation and Gratitude
        * Practicing Off the M

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