• The Bible: Why Does It Endure?

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    The Bible: Why Does It Endure? [Day of Discovery DVD]
    For centuries the Bible has remained the bestselling book worldwide influencing more people than any other published book. Although millions have honored the Bible as God's revelation to humanity, its foundation and credibility continue to be challenged. How can an ancient book like the Bible really be considered God-breathed and inspired, offering timeless wisdom to all generations. Why does this collection of 66 books endure?
    In this 3-part documentary, you'll take a closer look at the Bible with Daniel Wallace, Ph.D., founder for the center of New Testament Manuscripts, and Peter Williams, Ph.D., CEO of Tyndale House research center in Cambridge, England. From their travels abroad - researching manuscripts, events, people, and places - they share the fascinating process of their explanations and results. 
    Gain a deeper understanding of what is revealed in these ancient manuscripts, what Jesus' life and words say about the Bible and what history reveals about the accuracy of the Biblical text. Discover for yourself whether you have reason believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God.
    Part 1: What the Manuscripts Reveal
    Part 2: The Bible Jesus Knew
    Part 3: What History Reveals
    Approximate Running Time: 30 minutes per program

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