• The Book of Answers

    Grand Central Publishing

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    Now in a new gift format, the bestselling book that will answer all of your questions

    A modern-day Magic 8 Ball, The Book of Answers is a humorous and indispensable companion to life. In hardcover, readers delighted over finding the answers to life's nagging questions. Now in a new chunky paperback format, The Book of Answers will find an even larger audience. Because, let's face it, everyone can use some free advice now and again.

    Q: Should I ask Chris out on a date
    BoA: Youll regret it.

    Q: Should I look for a new job
    BoA: Dont be ridiculous.

    Q: Should I lose five pounds
    BoA: Youll be happy you did.

    Q: Will you love The Book of Answers
    BoA: Be delightfully sure of it.

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